The Rossotto Farm owned by Destefanis family, takes its name from the place located in the town of Montelupo Albese, along the scenic route.
Its origins dates back to the beginning of XXth century, but the bottling of the produced wines (Dolcetto and dry Brachetto) started in the Sixties thanks to grandfather Fortunato.
It is a family-run wine farm where cultivation methods and wine-making methods have been managed now for 20 years by the graduate enologist and nephew Gianpaolo.

Our vineyards

Azienda Agricola Rossotto - Vigneti

The vine, which represents the main growing of the farm, is grown on the best exposed hillsides, in order to produce high-quality grapes, with a limited number of plant health measures. The vineyards cover an area of approximately 4.5 hectares and include the following vine varieties:

  • Dolcetto
  • Barbera
  • Nebbiolo
  • Pinot Nero
  • Brachetto
  • Cabernet

The produced D.O.C. wines (Registered Designation of Origin) are:

  • - Dolcetto d'Alba
  • - Barbera d'Alba (usually with the label Superiore)
  • - Nebbiolo
  • - Langhe Pinot Nero
  • - Langhe Cabernet-Sauvignon

In the best vintage years, with the Brachetto grapes we produce the wine from over-ripened grapes named Stramàiv

The production of Langhe Chardonnay has been ceased for a number of years.

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