Rather strong and full of color, it can be appreciated at most after one year of maturation and stored for a long time in bottle. details
    Dolcetto d'Alba

    It is a wine resulting from Black Pinot grapes, aged in oak barrels and in bottle. details
    Langhe Pinot Nero

    It is a wine resulting from Cabernet grapes, aged in barriques and in bottle. details
    Langhe Cabernet-Sauvignon

    It matches very well to red meats or wild game meats and mature cheeses. It is aged in oak barrels and in bottle. details

    It matches very well to white meats and red meats, and medium-aged cheese. It is aged in oak barrels and in bottle. details

Our farm

The Rossotto Farm takes its name from the location with the same name situated in the town of Montelupo Albese, along the scenic Alba-Bossolasco road, bordering the town of Diano d'Alba. Its origin dates back to the beginning of 20th century and the bottling of the produced wines started in the Sixties. read more

The vineyards, which grow on the best exposed hillsides, cover an area of approximately 4.5 hectares and include the following vine variety: Dolcetto, Brachetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Pinot Nero and Cabernet; using these grapes we produce the best D.O.C. wines as well as special wines and wines aged in oak barrels. read more

Where are we?

The Rossotto Farm is located 10 Km from Alba and 40 Km from Asti. By wine farm, located at an altitude of 500 meters, you can admire the amazing landscape of Langhe with its hills and castles which overlook the surrounding vineyards. In the background it is possible to see the entire western Alps dominated by the peaks of Cervino, Monte Rosa and Monviso.

Contact us

via Pilone Sorba, 16
12050 Montelupo Albese (CN)
Tel. e Fax (+39) 0173.61.72.40
e-mail: rossotto.vini@destefanis.com

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